Intree 2017 is looking for mentors and crew members!

There are only a few months left before our beautiful city Amsterdam will turn yellow again. 3200 new students will get to know all the ins and outs of the city of Amsterdam in the week from the 28th of August until the 1st of September. As a senior student you might think; too bad I cannot participate anymore. But fortunately this is not true. In fact, we definitely need your help!

As a crew member, you will be assisting at one of our events. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to go to PlankGas – Pedal to the Metal (at the Gashouder) or Eindfeest – Closing Party (at Melkweg, Sugarfactory and Paradiso) for FREE. This way you will still be able to enjoy the highlights of Intreeweek!

Do you actually want to participate in all events? Become a mentor! Together with a friend you will guide a small group of fresh students to show them all the beautiful things Amsterdam has to offer. In return, you can experience the best time of your life once again.

To become a mentor, it is obligated to attend one of our mentor-information days. These will take place on the following days in the CREA building at Roeterseilandcampus:
Friday the 9th of June 12:00-15:00 Dutch   FULL
Wednesday the 21nd of June 14:00-17:00 Please notice: English mentor-information day   FULL
– Tuesday the 8th of August 12:00-15:00 Dutch
Wednesday the 16th of August 12:00-15:00 Dutch

The registration deadline for mentors is on the 1st of August, for crew members this is on the 20th of August.

Intreeweek 2017

The best start of your student life in Amsterdam!

In September your student life in Amsterdam will finally begin. Studying is more than attending classes and working on group projects. Your time in Amsterdam will be an amazing adventure!

To prepare you for the time of your life, the Intree Committee will organize a memorable introduction week. A week you absolutely can’t miss as a student at the University of Amsterdam. A week full of parties, culture, music, science and new friends awaits you…


Binnenkomst – Arrival

Binnenkomst – Arrival

Roeterseilandcampus (REC)

Avondeten – Dinner

Avondeten – Dinner

Various locations

Opening – Grand Opening

Opening – Grand Opening

Koninklijk Theater Carré



Binnenkomst – Arrival09:00 - 15:00Roeterseilandcampus (REC)
Aangenaam Intree – Intree Connects12:00 - 16:00Nieuwmarkt
Lunch – Lunch12:00 - 15:00Nieuwmarkt
Opening – Grand Opening15:00 - 20:00Koninklijk Theater Carré
Avondeten – Dinner16:30 - 18:45Diverse locaties
Intree Verenigt – Student Associations20:00 - 00:00Kromhouthal
IJlandhoppen – Island Hopping10:00 - 14:00NEMO + Scheepvaartmuseum
Bij ons in de Jordaan – Explore The Jordaan area13:00 - 17:00Jordaan
Lunch – Lunch13:00 - 15:00Westerkerk
BBQ – BBQ17:00 - 20:00 Roeterseilandcampus (REC)
Kroegentocht – Pub crawl20:00 - 01:00Bubbels, Cooldown, Surprisebar, Amsterdamned, Hotshots, Waterhole
Wake Up Workshops – Wake Up Workshops11:00 - 13:00CREA
Intree Spelen – Intree Olympics13:00 - 17:00Science Park (USC)
Lunch – Lunch13:00 - 15:00Science Park (USC)
Avondeten – Dinner18:00 - 19:30Diverse locaties
Comedy Night – Comedy Night20:00 - 22:30Boom Chicago (English), VondelCS, Melkweg, De Balie
PlankGas – Pedal to the Metal22:00 - 04:00Gashouder (Westergasterrein)
ErVaar Amsterdam – Float Away Amsterdam11:00 - 15:00Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
12 O’Concert – 12’O Concert11:30 - 12:30 Concertgebouw
Studentenbeurs – Student Fair13:00 - 18:00Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
Lunch – Lunch13:00 - 15:00 Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
Avondeten – Dinner18:00 - 19:30 Diverse locaties
Nachtcultuur – Culture by Night20:00 - 00:00FOAM, Museum van Loon, APBC, Stadsarchief
Cinema @ Night – Cinema @ Night00:00 - 03:00Pathé de Munt
Gapen tussen de Apen – Artis Zoo10:00 - 14:00Artis
Intree Festival – Intree Festival13:00 - 20:00Park Frankendael
Lunch – Lunch13:00 - 15:00Park Frankendael
Avondeten – Dinner16:30 - 19:00Park Frankendael
Eindfeest – Closing Party22:00 - 05:00Melkweg + Paradiso + Sugarfactory

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