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Intreeweek 2017

In September your student life in Amsterdam will finally begin. Studying is more than attending classes and working on group projects. Your time in Amsterdam will be an amazing adventure!

To prepare you for the time of your life, the Intree Committee will organize a memorable introduction week. A week you absolutely can’t miss as a student from the UvA. A week full of parties, culture, music, science and new friends awaits you…

What is the Intreeweek?

The Intreeweek is the official introduction week of the University of Amsterdam. With two senior students of your study as guides, you will get to know the city, the university and your fellow students. We tranquilly start the day by exploring what cultural, creative or other leisure activities Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam have to offer.

When lunch is finished there are several events at different locations. The Tuesday afternoon is all about sports at the Science Park, on Wednesday an interactive journey will take you through the historical Jordaan neighbourhood and on Friday you will get acquainted with all different cultures that Amsterdam represents in Park Frankendael. After dinner there’s an extensive night programme waiting for you. You’ll be going to the biggest movie theatre in the city centre (after opening hours), to the Kromhouthal where you’ll  get a chance to meet with all student associations, to one of the museums in Amsterdam, after which outstanding parties will blast off in the most popular venues of the city. Think of Paradiso, Melkweg, Sugarfactory, the new Adam tower and the Gashouder. Amsterdam has so much to offer and our aim is to show you all of it!

Study programme introduction

Several study programmes  have introductions to their respective programmes on Monday and Tuesday. During this introduction you,, along with all the first year students of your programme, will receive information regarding schedules, textbooks etc. The study programme introduction is useful as well as mandatory. All first year students will be present.

You will find more information about this study programme introduction in the email you received upon your enrolment at the UvA. It is possible that the activities of the study programme education introduction overlap with those of the Intreeweek. This is not a problem: after the introduction you can easily return to the Intree programme. During the study programme  introduction you fall under the responsibility of the relevant faculty. Please direct further questions about the education introduction to your study programme’s contact person.


It is not possible to arrange things like a passport, phone, bank affairs ed. during this week. We advise you to travel to the Netherlands one week in advance, so you can arrange these things before the start of the Intreeweek. 

We would like to direct you to UvA Student Services for further questions regarding your immigration to the Netherlands.

Student Services


A few things to keep in mind before you enroll.


The registration deadline for Intreeweek 2017 is set for the 21st of August 23:59h. After that time, registration closes!


28 August – 1 September 2017 (The week prior to the first lectures)



Place to Stay

Don’t have any accommodation in Amsterdam yet? No problem. For an extra of € 55,- you can stay at the University Sports Centre. This price includes breakfast and a refreshing shower. You will have to bring a matress and a sleeping bag. Registration for the sleeping accommodation is still open!