Amsterdam Red Cross

The Amsterdam Red Cross is this year’s social partner of the Intreeweek. You will therefore encounter us in different places over the course of this week. But who are we and what do we do exactly?

Help vulnerable fellow human beings

The Red Cross aims at helping people in need worldwide: not just on an international level, but also on a national and local level. Therefore, our volunteers are also there for vulnerable citizens in Amsterdam.

What we do in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam we help vulnerable ‘Amsterdammers’ in different ways. We’ve listed some of our activities listed below:

Project ‘Samen in Amsterdam’

One in eight Amsterdammers feels very lonely. In order to help these isolated Amsterdammers, we have set up the buddyproject ‘Samen in Amsterdam’. Are you available for a few hours per month and would you like to be a buddy to a lonely ‘Amsterdammer’? Then sign up for our ‘Samen in Amsterdam’ project. We will carefully match you with someone.

Event First Aid

At festivals, parties, concerts and sports matches, an accident is just around the corner. Whether you sprawl your ankle or experience medical complications from the use of alcohol or drugs, our well-trained volunteers are be ready to provide First Aid at a large number of events.

Disaster relief

Except for fun events, we’re also there when things take a really wrong turn. Fortunately, disasters in the Netherlands are very rare, but if something does happen, there are countless well-trained Red Cross volunteers ready to help.

In addition to First Aid, we also provide other forms of assistance in cases of emergency, such as the reception of people in overnight shelters, the distribution of primary needs, evacuations and information  provision. Nice to know, right?


We assist in the restoration of contact between families and loved ones who have been torn apart by war, conflict or disaster. In order to do this, we make use of our large international network. In about 15% of all cases, we manage to give clarification on the fate of missing loved ones.

First Aid courses

Do you know what to do when someone is unconscious or has a concussion? Can you help your father, mother, fellow student or colleague when you need to? no? Consider taking one of our First Aid courses, organized to make sure that people know what to do in case of emergency.

Refugee Aid

The Red Cross is here to help vulnerable people, including refugees. Therefore, we have several projects aimed at improving the well-being, health and self-reliance of these fellow inhabitants of Amsterdam.

Humanity Networks and Studentendesk

We have a fair share of young people volunteering at the Red Cross. Students can join our Studentendesk, which organizes various events and projects – for example, to raise funds for Serious Request! The Studentendesk is always looking for eager new volunteers!

You can also sign up for Humanity Networks, which is a  network for young people. We organize events and activities which allow you to get to know likeminded young people with similar interests. Membership of Humanity Networks is completely free of charge.


We sincerely hope that you will get to know us better during the Intreeweek. And maybe you would even like to join us! We are always looking for new volunteers. On our website you will find a current overview of our volunteer vacancies.