So you want to be a student in Amsterdam?

Hey you UvA student to be! So you’re looking at this website because you have applied for a course at the university of Amsterdam. Or maybe you are considering applying for a course at the University of Amsterdam, but you still have your doubts about the city. Well, to see if you’re really up for it, here are 5 things to be prepared for (or look forward to!) once you become a student in Amsterdam.

1. Mr. Worldwide

Be prepared to meet people from countries you haven’t even heard the name of. A city as famous as Amsterdam is bound to attract people from all over the world, so it comes as no surprise that Amsterdam is known for its international character. I always like to say that Amsterdam is the closest you can get to feeling like you’re abroad without actually leaving the Netherlands, and it’s true! Fear not though, because you can still find stereotypical Amsterdam people hounding the streets everywhere. Even so, the mixture of its Dutch, down to earth ways paired with its diverse people is without a doubt the perfect recipe for its unique Amsterdam culture. Be prepared to have friends in every corner of the world that you can visit once you graduate and I’m sure that by the end of your bachelor you’ll be able to swear in more languages than you can count.

2. Busy body

Do you have some weird ass crazy hobby that you can only talk about with people you meet in shady online internet forums? Perfect! Whatever you’re into, Amsterdam is bound to have a club or association for it so that you can thrive in your geeky ways. Always wanted to try pole dancing? It’s possible. Want to attend a book club? You got it! Even if you’re into more traditional hobbies, like playing tennis or swimming, there’s an abundance of places to choose from where you can enjoy these things and meet people with similar interests. It’s literally impossible to be bored in this city! Side note: You can get a discounted membership for the USC sport club through the UvA which allows you to choose from an overwhelming amount of sports’ classes. đŸ˜‰

3. Go go go!

Have I already said it’s impossible to be bored in this city? Yes? Well let me say it again! There is literally always something going on, be it a party, a festival or some kind of exhibition. Be it 5pm or 5am, there’s bound to be some kind of event happening somewhere (and most probably, everywhere). With its old buildings and youthful people, Amsterdam is the perfect mixture of historical and modern. This city is always ready to go and soon enough you’ll find yourself addicted to the energy that’s flowing through the streets everywhere. Believe me when I say that once you do leave (be it for a quick visit to the parents or a weekend getaway) you’ll find yourself missing it.

4. Wanderlust.

Okay, let’s say (and this is really improbable, but well, you do you) you do get bored of the city. You’re still in luck, kiddo. Due to how small the continent of Europe is, it’s always easy and cheap to book a bus and/or flight to a city near to the Netherlands. Some of these include: Berlin, Brussels, Paris and many, many more! Companies such as Flixbus and Ryanair have made it more affordable than ever to go out and explore while keeping your wallet happy. So go out, the world is yours!

5. Working 9 to 5

Hey so maybe you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth… Good for you! For those of us that weren’t that lucky however, it’s a relief to know that finding a job you can do next to your studies is a.) very easy and b.) very fun. In a city as populated as this one there couldn’t be enough work to do. So whether you’re going to be the next cute barista pumping out latte art like it’s nothing or you’re going to help tourists find their way around what is now your city, Amsterdam’s got you covered!

So, do you think you’re up for it? Have I piqued your interest? If yes, then stay tuned for more blogposts detailing several hotspots and stuff to do in or around Amsterdam!