5 most Instagram worthy spots to visit in Amsterdam

So you made the step: you moved to Amsterdam to be a student. But how are you going to show off to all your friends about how much of a great time you are having? To make things a bit easier for you, we of Intreeweek have compiled a list of the five most Instagram worthy spots of Amsterdam.


1.) Vondelpark

Perhaps the most famous park in Amsterdam, Vondelpark is situated just next to Museumplein and Leidseplein, making it the perfect chill spot. Stemming from 1865, this is the perfect spot to go for a quick little jog in autumn or for a relaxing picnic in the summer. Fun fact: Vondelpark has broken the Guinness World Record for biggest picnic multiple times, a title which now unfortunately belongs to Parque de Bela Vista in Portugal (but hey, maybe you can change that?!).

2.) NDSM werf

Originally an abandoned shipyard of the NDSM company, the NDSM werf has now grown out to one of the most up and coming locations in Amsterdam. Located in North, one can take the ferry from central station and be there in 10 minutes tops. Now the home of many independent artists, this yard is a sight to behold! Its industrial structure mixed with its splashes of graffiti make for the perfect background scenery to your Instagram pictures!

3.) Oudemanhuispoort

This is one of the most beautiful and historical buildings to belong to the University of Amsterdam and you as a student should take the time to check it out. Formerly home of the law faculty, the Oudemanhuispoort brings up a sense of awe and nostalgia every time you see it. This place has been used by the UvA since 1880 and I swear that every time you walk through it you can almost feel the presence of former scholars and university students from long, long before your time. The Oudemanhuispoort will unfortunately soon no longer serve as a faculty building, so grab a chance to check it out while you still can. Interesting parts of the Oudemanhuispoort include a vintage book market in the small passage way at the front and a mural painting at the back, which is said to be a Banksy.

4.) The Pijp Area

Literally my favourite neighborhood in Amsterdam. Oh dear, where do I begin? There are so many beautiful places where you can take pictures in this borough that you might as well just go out and explore. The Pijp is one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in Amsterdam, filled with all kinds of cool cafes and concept stores, so you’re bound to be able to take a cool picture (or twenty) somewhere here.

5.) Amsterdamse bos

For days when you are tired of the busy, hectic city life, why not go out and explore in the forest? Het Amsterdamse bos (literally ‘the Amsterdam forest’) is just minutes away from the city centre, giving you the perfect opportunity to get in touch with nature and clear your mind in the outdoors. Let your inner forest god(dess) take the reins and snap some pictures during sunset and you, my dear, have got yourself a jealousy inducing feed.

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