Amnesty International is social partner of the Intreeweek this year. During the week you will therefore encounter us in different places. Come play a game of unfair table football, follow a human rights education workshop, check out what your student opportunities are with Amnesty at the student fair and get inspired!

The movement

We are a worldwide movement of more than 7 million people fighting against injustice. In more than 150 countries, we campaign for justice, freedom, human dignity and equality.

Our work protects and strengthens people, from abolishing the death penalty to defending freedom of speech and protecting the rights of migrants and refugees, to fighting against political violence and persecution.

With our movement we can make a fist against injustice. We know where we can make a difference and how we can mobilize our millions of supporters. We have been doing this for more than fifty years.

Our method

Human rights education

The department of education at Amnesty tries to raise awareness about human rights among pupils and students in the Netherlands. We give guest lectures at primary and secondary schools on human rights and workshops on ethnic profiling at vocational education (MBO). We offer masterclasses for college and university students. In these masterclasses we discuss a different human rights theme each time such as: freedom of demonstration, refugee rights or human rights defenders in China. We do not only give a lecture about this, but through an interactive case study the participants are put to work themselves! You can ask all your questions about the human rights work of Amnesty International, get in contact with other students and learn more about all the student opportunities with us. If you want more information, go to:

Join the movement!

We hope that in this introduction week in addition to getting to know Amsterdam and other students, you want to get acquainted with us. We certainly want to meet you!