Intreeweek 2020 is a cashless introduction week. You can pay by using your wristband. We’ve already created an account for you. Prior to Intreeweek you will receive an e-mail with your login credentials and a QR-code. During Registration on Monday you will link your account to your wristband by showing the QR-code.


You can log in with a link you will receive in your e-mail prior to Intreeweek 2020. You can add information (i.e. if you’re a vegetarian) to your account as well as charge your balance.

Top up your balance

There are different ways to top up your balance: by iDEAL, Creditcard and PayPal. You can charge your balance with a mimimum amount of €15,-. No worries, after Intreeweek the money that is left on your account will be refunded automatically!

Making a payment

When you order a drink for example you will have to tap your wristband to our payment terminal at the bar. The bartender will place the order on your account.

Lunch, BBQ & Dinner at Intree Festival

With your wristband you are also able to pick up your free lunch, BBQ (by mentors only) and dinner at Intree Festival. Simply tap your wristband to one of our terminals and you will get a green light.


At some events you will be asked to check-in using your wristband. We will use this information to see how many participants show up at our events and pick up their lunches in order to have realistic data and to reduce waste.

Wristband broken or lost?

If you lost your wristband, you can deactivate your account once you’ve logged in. Simply click on the blue Wristband Connected button and press Disconnect. Don’t worry, we can transfer your money onto a new wristband.

If your wristband is broken you can get a new one at the Intree Information Desk at CREA (Nieuwe Achtergracht 170) by showing your broken wristband and identity card. If your wristband is lost, you can buy a new wristband at the Intree Information Desk for €30,- by showing your identity card.


Don’t worry charging your balance! All the money that is left on your account after Intreeweek 2020 will be automatically refunded to your bank account. To prevent having an empty balance, top up your account on time.

The following image will explain how to pay at our bars. We will ask for €1,- deposit money per cup. You will get the deposit money back if you bring back your cup before leaving the event.