the Intreeweek committee

Committee Activities

There is a lot that needs to be done for Intreeweek. From finding fun bands and DJ’s to thinking up a striking promotion campaign. And from bringing in de best sponsors to organising a first-class festival. These different parts of Intreeweek are arranged by the Intreeweek Committee.

The committee consists of twenty five committee members and seven board members. Every year a new committee is appointed, which is responsible for shaping Intreeweek that year. All UvA students are welcome to send an application to be part of the Intreeweek Committee, but good command of the Dutch language is a requirement. 

Within the different parts that make up Intreeweek, there are five groups among who the tasks are spread. The five groups are: Events I, Events II, Events III, Acquisition and Marketing & Communication. Every group is coordinated by a board member.

Board Activities

As soon as Intreeweek has ended, the new board is responsible for the next edition. From the Saturday directly after Intreeweek they work to, within 51 weeks, produce another amazing week.

The board is held by seven people with seven different functions. They come op with the events, arrange for the locations and lay the foundation for the committee members, who join them by February.

So where the committee works to organize Intreeweek for half a year, the board is busy with Intreeweek for a full year.

From left to right: Sam Jones (Head of Events I), Geert Koeleman (Head of Events II), Maura Fraikin (Head of Internal Affairs), Jade Tijhuis (Chairwoman & Treasurer), Wessel van Dongen (Head of Marketing & Communication), Philip Weytingh (Head of Acquisition) and Josha Steiner (Head of Events III).