How to lunch like a royal student

Food is for student -besides rent- the main expense. If you spend all day studying at the UB, it’s tempting to just move your lazy ass to the canteen to get a fancy sandwich. That is why we will give you some tips for having a nice lunch while still having some money at the end of the month.


Hummus and veggies

This snack is always good. Cut some veggies; carrots, tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber… all amazing with different kinds of hummus. Did you know there are 40 different kinds of hummus? Even yellow spicy mango… Go for it!


Put a toaster in your locker

Now you can always eat grilled cheese toasties! If you’ve eaten too much toasties, you can just sell them to your friends. With the hard-earned money, you can buy that expensive sandwich in the canteen anyway.


Banana bread

I bet you never heard this one! Overrated and too expensive. Takes way too long to make and I know you are probably too lazy to make it anyway. It does taste good though.



Just steal the leftovers from your housemates out of the fridge and take them to uni. You have a free lunch and no mold in your fridge.



Soup is life. Make a lot of soup and put it in your freezer. You can save it for ages and it costs no shitty. If you don’t like sweet potato, pumpkin and carrot, just put broccoli and zuccini in the blender.



2 options: healthy or not healthy.

Banana pancakes or not banana pancakes.

Recipe for banana pancakes:

You need: 2 banana’s, 2 eggs and butter. Then all you need to do is prakken & bakken!



This is really easy and you will never get tired of this recipe. Boil the couscous for a few minutes and it’s done! You can basically throw it in a big bowl with everything you have at home (veggies / cheese / raisins / pomegranate / chicken etc.) and you’re good to go!

Bakjes met vakjes

This means: containers with separate compartments. This is a real lifehack.


What I put in the bakjes met vakjes:

Vak 1:


+rice waffle




Vak 2:

-huttekase (only 54 cents!)





Vak 3: