Introduction Time: Acquisition

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Introducing Team Acquisition!

Hi there and welcome to the very last introduction round! This week, we would like to introduce you to our acquisition team! Acquisition consist of Lynn, Marije, Simon and Mary-Ann with Jesse as their head. Acquisition has been working hard to get us deals and sponsorships so Intreeweek can actually take place at its full potential.

Acquisition’s main responsibility is the Student Fair which takes place in the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. Over the past few months they have been calling, mailing and visiting various clients to ensure that they will have a place at the Student Fair so that you can get the most out of it! All of the deals and folders you will find in your yellow Intreebag you get on the first day of Intreeweek are also mostly thanks to the acquisition.

Well, that’s it for introductions. Stay tuned for more news on our social media accounts as Intreeweek 2018 is steadily approaching!