Introduction Time: Marketing & Communication

You’re probably wondering who puts together all these informative and amusing blogs. This week you will finally get an answer to that question! In this week’s blog we’ll be introducing the fabulous members of our Marketing & Communication team who have spent the past half year putting together the blogs, YouTube clips, flyers, posters… you name it! All things that have to do with the marketing and communication about Intreeweek is brought to you by #MC.

The members of our Marketing & Communication team are Moira, Kaylee, Kristina and Erykah with Ariana as their head. Together we’re responsible for giving you guys an impression of what Intreeweek is like, providing you information about the week and making this week possible by recruiting mentors and crew members with our own campaign! I hear you asking: how do we do all this? Well, for starters, by keeping all our social media accounts up to date. We have an Instagram account on which we post lots of cool pics, a website (the one you’re visiting right now) where we post our blogs and where you can find all practical information. Besides that we have an app (make sure you download it!) that is very useful during the week, because we will be posting information about the events and it (amongst others things) will contain a map with all locations. Besides this, we also have a YouTube account which we use to post fun videos about the student life that is lying ahead of you and interviews with (ex-)students that have done a lot more than only studying during their college days. Last but not least we have a Snapchat account (@Intreeweek) on which you’ll find a fun vlog every day during Intreeweek 2018 and a Facebook account. Make sure to follow our social media accounts so you don’t have to miss out on anything!

Besides keeping track of social media, we’re busy writing a paper called de Gelegraaf that will be handed out on the last day of Intreeweek. This paper will contain lots of awesome pics of the week and fun articles. This news paper will be mostly written in English for the first time this year. Make sure you grab one! You can also find a digital version of this paper in the app during the rest of the week. And of course, the programme that is handed out on the first day of Intreeweek is designed from scratch by yours truly. I would almost forget to mention that all film and photography is arranged by MC! So make sure to score some good outfits to fleek your way throughout Intreeweek, because MC’s cameras are watching you.

All in all, the girls of MC have been working very hard to make sure that the new students of the UvA are aware of the fun week that is lying ahead of them! Next week we’ll be back with another introduction round, don’t miss out!