Cinema Night – Cinema Night

Cinema Night – Cinema Night

Cinema Night – Cinema Night

Pathé de Munt

Are you starting to get a little bit tired from all the events during the week? On Thursday night, it is time to sit back and relax. We will host our private movie night at the biggest cinema in the centre of Amsterdam: Pathé de Munt. A wide variety of films will guarantee that there is a film for everyone’s taste. All movies are in English unless indicated otherwise. Below you can find the timetable and cinema room number.


00:10 VICE (2) Dutch

00:15 Soof (7)  Dutch

00:15 Late Shift (10) Interactive: download the CtrlMovie app

00:20 Now You See Me 2 (8)

00:25 Moonlight (6)

00:25 The Hunger Games (9)

00:30 Black Panther (11)

00:30 Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower (5) Film and discussion by Amnesty International

00:30 La La Land (1)

00:35 VICE (13)

00:35 Süskind (4) Dutch