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In the app store. The app is called Intreeweek. You can also use the app via your laptop with this link:

Yes, the app is free.

Yes, the events of Intreeweek take place in Amsterdam.

Yes, when buying a ticket for Intreeweek it is also possible to buy a ticket for a place to sleep in the University Sports Center (USC) at Science Park. You can spend the night here from Sunday August 27th until Saturday September 1st in the morning. When you sleep at USC, your registration takes place in the evening of Sunday August 27th. It is mandatory to be here. You will receive your wristband and other necessities for Intreeweek. This Registration is strictly for USC sleepers, the other participants will have their registration on Monday morning.

From the final event each day, shuttlebuses will go to the USC. Furthermore, breakfast is served on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. 

The prices for the additional sleeping places at USC are:

  • Early Bird: €52
  • Late Bird: €62

It is important that you bring your own sleepingbag, airmatress and pillow. The Intree Committee is not able to arrange this for you. You will sleep in a sports hall (gym) with other participants. 

Breakfast is included for participants
who sleep in USC.

Participants of Intreeweek have the opportunity for a meal per day (3 x lunch and 2 x dinner). However, while supplies last. In particular Thursday August 31st at 11 O’Concert, limited lunch is available. Therefore, lunch is only available for those participants who have registered for this event through the Registration form in Tactile. 

Tuesday and Friday only dinner is offered; however it is possible to buy lunch at the events. Also in this case: while supplies last. So be there on time!

No, you cannot. There will be two moments per day when you can get to your luggage: at 13:00 and at 18:00.


Registration for Intreeweek 2023 on the 6th of July. If you have been admitted to a bachelor studies at the UvA you will receive an email with a registration link. More info will follow!

No, only first year bachelor students can register for Intreeweek. Master students are invited for the official UvA masters introduction ‘Get in Touch‘. 

No, only first year bachelor students can register for Intreeweek. ESN organises a special introduction for exchange students.

If you haven’t received an e-mail to register for Intreeweek, this can have various reasons. Follow the checklist to find out what may be the problem

It is only possible to register once you are conditionally accepted to your study program.
  1. Check your spam
    • Make sure you check your spam folder and if you are checking the e-mail that you used to register on Studielink. You can also check your messages in your SIS-environment for the link.
  2. Did you sign up for a study with decentralized selection?
    • If yes, go to question 3.
  3. Did you attend the matching of your study?
    • Only if you have fulfilled the Matching requirement, you can register for Intreeweek. You can check your matching status in your Enrolment Checklist.
  4. Have you been offered a place within your study?
    • If yes, go to question 4. If not, this is why. You  must have been offered a place first before  you can register for Intreeweek.
  5. Have you accepted the place that has been offered you?
    • If not, this is why. Confirmation of your place in Studielink is a prerequisite as well. You can register for Intreeweek only after  you have done this.
  6. Are you going to start the study Dentistry (ACTA) or are you going to study at the Amsterdam University College (AUC)?
    • If yes, this is why you cannot register. ACTA and AUC students have their own  introduction activities.
  7. Have you been registered at the UvA in the past?
    • If yes, this is the problem. Students who have been previously enrolled at UvA are not eligible. If you start a new study next to your current study, you are, unfortunately, not eligible for Intreeweek.
  8. Is the exact problem still unclear?
    • If you read this on the 6th of July, wait patiently. The emails will be send throughout the day. Is it later than the 6th of July, send an email with your name and student number to with the subject ‘unknown error registration Intreeweek’. When the problem has been solved, we will send you a new email.

After registration of your bachelor’s track you will receive an email with a payment link early on in July. You are able to pay with iDEAL or credit card.

The registration for Intreeweek will close on the 14th of august 23.59 or earlier, if Intreeweek is sold out. After this date it is not possible to register for Intreeweek. 

You will receive an email with your group number the weekend before Intreeweek at the latest.

The facultary introduction is an introduction from the faculty of your study. This is mandatory. You will receive the information about this from your study. Intreeweek is the official introduction week of the UvA. You can choose for yourself if you wish to participate in Intreeweek. If you participate in Intreeweek, you will also join the facultary introduction. If your facultary introduction is during an event of Intreeweek you can just go to the facultary introduction. After you are done there you can rejoin the Intreeweek programme.

No, it is not mandatory to join all the events of the week. You can choose for yourself to which events you want to go. However, it is very nice to join all events!

You can only refund a ticket if the government does not allow you to travel to the Netherlands. This is possible till the 1st of August. After thatyou cannot refund your ticket anymore

If you withdraw your application at the UvA, please send us an email and we will refund your ticket. This needs to be mentioned before the 1st of August. After this date, a refund is no longer possible. 

Yes, the goal is that you will be in a group with people from the same study. However, due to differing numbers in registration of different studies we cannot guarantee this. In some cases your group might be a mix of two studies. Our aim is that your mentors will also be from the same study 

No, this is not possible. Tickets can only be bought through the registration link that will be sent. 

In case you were not able to get a ticket you could still sign up as a crew member! This way, you will still get to experience part of Intreeweek. As a compensation for your work you will receive a ticket for Intree Festival! (Crew members that work at Intree Festival will receive a ticket for Closing Party)


Thanks for being interested in becoming a mentor! You can register here.

Thanks for wanting to help out as a crew member at Intreeweek! You can register here.

Yes you can, we will then connect you to another mentor once the registration is closed.

Yes, this is possible, however, we prefer couples from the same study.

Yes, you have to be in Amsterdam from August 28th until September 1st.

You will hear this the weekend of the 19th and 20th of August, at the latest.

Yes, you can. As a mentor you will try to be placed with the Bachelor’s study you have followed to become that group’s mentor.