General info

Where can I download the Intreeweek app?

In the app store. The app is called Intreeweek 2020. You can also use the app via your laptop with this link:

What are the opening hours of the online information desk during Intreeweek?

You can reach us every day during Intreeweek, between:

Monday 09:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Tuesday 09:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday 09:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Thursday 09:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

My mentor hasn't contacted me yet. What should I do?

You can find your profile in the top right corner of the app. At the top, you will find  the name of your mentor. There is an option to call your mentor if you click on his/her name. If it’s still not possible to get in contact with your mentor, please contact us!

Am I allowed to meet with my group?

No, you are not allowed to meet physically during Intreeweek. However, you can video call, chat, WhatsApp and meet online with your group!

I have a faculty/study programme orientation during Intreeweek. What do I have to do?

During the Intreeweek some study programs will host an introduction. This introduction is mandatory for all the first year students, including participants of the Intreeweek. Unfortunately, you can’t participate in the program of the Intreeweek during your orientation. After your orientation you can join our programme again!

You will get all the information about your orientation from your study program.

Is it a problem if I can't fully attend all events?

No, this is not a problem. Nothing is required during Intreeweek, but please inform your mentor if you are not able to attend Intree Connects or Intree Games, since this events are especially hosted to get to know your group members.

Will Master students get a mentor?

No, only Bachelor students will get a mentor. However, two of you will be appointed as ‘leader’ at random. They can register your whole group for the Bingo, at the event in the app. Send a photo of the card to the whole group, so that you can wait in suspense what might happen!

Is the app for free?


Do I have to be in Amsterdam during Intreeweek 2020?

No, you do not have to be in Amsterdam.You can follow this online programme, wherever you are.


Where can I find the links for the livestreams during Intreeweek?

The links for the livestreams can be found in the event in the app.

My livestream doesn't work, what do I need to do?

  1. Check if your internet is working.
  2. Restart the app.
  3. Go to the event in the app where the livestream will become available.
  4. Call 020-5253072 and we will help you out.

Can I follow a livestream together with my friends?

No, it is not allowed to meet physically Intreeweek. However, you can video call, chat, WhatsApp and meet online with your group!

Video calls

When am I going to video call with my group?

You will do this during the events ‘Intree Connects’ and ‘Intree Games’. Your mentor will make sure that your group will get together online during these events. Besides, you can meet online during the whole week! For example to enjoy Comedy Night together, and to go crazy during the Closing Party!

Do I have to turn my camera on?

Nothing is mandatory, but during Intree Connects you will get to know your group members, so it might be nice to be able to see each other. By having your camera on, it will also be easier to recognize each other on the first day at university.

Can I join Intree Connects later than the event starts?

If you are running late, please discuss this with your mentor. They have come up with a nice program for you, so please try to be on time.

My video call does not work, what now?

If there are any problems, please contact your mentor.


When do the registrations for Intreeweek 2020 open?

Registration for Intreeweek 2020 is open from July 1st until August 14th 17:00.

Can Master and Pre-Master students also register for Intreeweek 2020?

Yes, this year Intreeweek is open for all new students from the Univeristy of Amsterdam.

I have difficulties with registering for Intreeweek 2020, what to do?

  • 1. Did you sign up for a study with decentralized selection?

Yes, go to question 3.

  • 2. Did you attend the matching of your study?

If you have not done this, this is the problem. These days are obligated and part of your registration at the UvA. As a result, your registration has not been completed. Call Student Services (+31205258080) and ask for the status of your registration.

  • 3. Have you been offered a place within your study?

Yes, go to question 4. If not, this is the problem. You have not been accepted yet to the UvA and that’s why you cannot register for Intreeweek 2019 yet.

  • 4. Have you accepted the place that has been offered you?

If not, this is the problem. Confirmation of your place is a prerequisite as well. You can register for Intreeweek 2020 as soon as you have done this.

  • 5. Have you sent a copy of your passport to the UvA?

If not, this is the problem. It is a prerequisite you have sent a copy of this to the University of Amsterdam. (

  • 6. Have you already authorized the university to charge your tuition fees?

If not, this is the reason you are not able to register. Please make sure to this first.

  • 7. Are you going to start the study Dentistry (ACTA) or are you going to study at the Amsterdam University College?

If yes, this is the reason why you cannot register. These students cannot register for Intreeweek 2020 due to other introductions.

  • 8. Have you been registered at the UvA in the past?

If yes, this is the problem. Please contact us ( and mention  your student number). I you will start a new study next to your current study, you are, unfortunately, not eligible for Intreeweek 2020.

  • 9. Is the exact problem still not clear?

Send an email with your name and student number to with the subject ‘unknown error registration Intreeweek’. When the problem has been solved, we will send you a new email.

How do I have to pay for Intreeweek 2020?

After registration of your bachelor’s track you will receive an e-mail with a payment link on the 1st of July. You are able to pay by iDEAL or credit card.

I did not receive a registration link, what now?

Make sure you check your spam folder and if you are checking the e-mail that you used to register on Studielink. You can also check your messages in your SIS-environment for the link. Still not able to find your registration link? Please contact us (+ 31 (0) 20 5253072/

When does the registration for Intreeweek 2020 close?

The registration for Intreeweek 2020 will close on the 14th of August 17:00.

When will I know my group number, group members and my mentor?

You will receive an email with your group number the weekend before Intreeweek at the latest.

Mentors & Crew members

Where can I register as a mentor?

On the follow page you can register as a mentor.

Where can I register as a crew member?

It is not possible to register for crew member this year.

Until when can I register as a mentor?

Registration will close Friday 14 August 2020 at 17:00.

Can I register as individual?

No, this is not possible. You need to have a partner.

Can I register together with someone from another study?

Yes, this is possible. However, we prefer couples from the same study.

When will be the obligated online group meetings?

The group meetings will be on Monday and Tuesday or Monday and Wednesday.

Do I have to be in Amsterdam?

Because Intreeweek 2020 will be online you can be a mentor even if you are not present in Amsterdam.

Do I have to be online all day?

No, this is not necessary. During the week there are events that will begin on a specific time but there are also events that will be available the whole week. You can decide with your group which events you want to join.

Do I get a compensation when I become a mentor?

This year we decided to give mentors a financial compensation. The compensation is 20 euros per mentor per group.

When do I get to know if I will become a mentor?

The weekend before the Intreeweek at the latest, you will hear through email whether you will become a mentor or not.

Is your question still unanswered? Please visit our contact page.

This page is subject to eventual changes.