When do the registrations for Intreeweek 2018 open?

Registration for Intreeweek 2018 is open from July 2nd until August 16th 23:59. Be aware: We have limited spots available, so make sure you register on time.

Can Master and Pre-Master students also register for Intreeweek 2018?

No, the Intreeweek is meant for first year bachelor students only. For an introduction program for Masters, please check the link below:

I have difficulties with registering for Intreeweek 2018, what to do?

  • 1. Did you sign up for a study with decentralized selection?

Yes, go to question 3.

  • 2. Did you attend the matching of your study?

If you have not done this, this is the problem. These days are obligated and part of your registration at the UvA. As a result, your registration has not been completed. Call Student Services (+31205258080) and ask for the status of your registration.

  • 3. Have you been offered a place within your study?

Yes, go to question 4. If not, this is the problem. You have not been accepted yet to the UvA and that’s why you cannot register for Intreeweek 2018 yet.

  • 4. Have you accepted the place that has been offered you?

If not, this is the problem. Confirmation of your place is a prerequisite as well. You can register for Intreeweek 2018 as soon as you have done this.

  • 5. Have you sent a copy of your passport to the UvA?

If not, this is the problem. It is a prerequisite you have sent a copy of this to the University of Amsterdam. (

  • 6. Have you already authorized the university to charge your tuition fees?

If not, this is the reason you are not able to register. Please make sure to this first.

  • 7. Are you going to start the study Dentistry (ACTA) or are you going to study at the Amsterdam University College?

If yes, this is the reason why you cannot register. These students cannot register for Intreeweek 2018 due to other introductions.

  • 8. Have you been registered at the UvA in the past?

If yes, this is the problem. Please contact us ( and mention  your student number). I you will start a new study next to your current study, you are, unfortunately, not eligible for Intreeweek 2018.

  • 9. Is the exact problem still not clear?

Send an email with your name and student number to with the subject ‘unknown error registration Intreeweek’. When the problem has been solved, we will send you a new email.

What about the ‘early bird’ and ‘late bird’ tickets?

We work with two prices:

The ‘early bird’ price is a reduces price and applies for registration between July 2nd and July 31st. The costs for participating during Intreeweek are €100,-. If you pay too late, you will automatically be deregistered. You will have to register again.

The ‘late bird’ price applies for registrations starting August 1st. From this date on, you will pay €125,- for participating in Intreeweek 2018. In addition, from this date on the price for a sleeping place in USC will go up from €45,- to €55,-.

How do I have to pay for Intreeweek 2018?

After registration you will receive an e-mail with a payment link within one day. You are able to pay by Ideal or credit card.

I did not receive a payment link, what now?

You will receive an e-mail with a payment link within one day. If you did not receive the link within 24 hours, please contact us (+ 31 (0) 20 5253072/

When does the registration for Intreeweek 2018 close?

The registration for Intreeweek 2018 will close on the 16th of August 23:59h. If the maximum of participants is reached earlier, we will close earlier.


When will I know my group number, group members and my mentor?

You will receive an email with your group number the weekend before Intreeweek at the latest. In this email you will also find the time that you will meet your group members and your member, this will be during the Registration.

I don’t live in Amsterdam, where can I sleep?

If you don’t live in Amsterdam, you are always welcome to sign up for a place to sleep at the USC (University Sports Centre). This is the sports complex of the UvA and participants of Intreeweek are able to sleep here during the week. Breakfast and use of showers are included. Participants should bring their own air mattress and sleeping bag. For more information click here.

Is it an obligation to have a bicycle?

It is not obligated to have a bicycle, however it is very convenient to have one. Public transport is almost never faster than riding your bike. Besides, you will not be dependent on the departing times of the public transport. You can get a decent bike from ASVA for only €61 (membership of the ASVA costs €15). You will have to reserve a bike at least a week prior to Intreeweek. You can pick up your bike during registration.

I have a faculty/study programme orientation during the Intreeweek. What do I have to do?

During the Intreeweek some study programs will host an introduction. This introduction is mandatory for all the first year students, including participants of the Intreeweek. Unfortunately, you can’t participate in the program of the Intreeweek during your orientation. After your orientation you can join our programme again!

You will get all the information about your orientation from your study program.

Will there be vegetarian meals during the Intreeweek?

Yes, there will be vegetarian lunch and dinner (including BBQ) options.

Are local residents taken into account during our events?

Yes, residents’ letters are distributed before each event so that local residents are informed. If there are any questions you can always call 020-5253072.

Mentors & Crew members

Where can I register as a mentor?

Click here to register as a mentor.

Where can I register as a crew member?

Click here to register as a crew member.

Until when can I register as a mentor?

If you want to become a mentor, you are obligated to visit one of our mentor-informationdays. These days take place on June 7th (FULL), June 20th (FULL, English), August 9th (English) and August 15th. The final date to register is August 10th. When you register after August 9th, you have to visit the mentor-informationday on August 15th.

Can I register as individual?

No, this is not possible. You need to have a partner.

What are the dates and times of the mentor-informationdays?

  • June 7th: 13:00 – 16:00 (FULL)
  • June 20th: 12:00 – 15:00 (FULL, English)
  • August 9th: 12:00 – 15:00 (English)
  • August 15th: 12:00 – 15:00

Can I register together with someone from another study?

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Yes, this is possible. However, we prefer couples from the same study.</p>

When do I get to know if I will become a mentor?

The weekend before the Intreeweek at the latest, you will hear through email whether you will become a mentor or not. If you’re not assigned to be a mentor, you can still show up Monday morning at CREA. If another mentor duo will not show up, you will still have a chance to become a mentor!

I’m not assigned to become a mentor, what can I do now?

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Sorry to hear that you will not become a mentor. You can still show up Monday morning at CREA. If another mentor duo will not show up, you will still have a chance to become a mentor!</p>

Is your question still unanswered? Please visit our contact page.