Intreeweek 2021

Intreeweek is the official introduction week of the University of Amsterdam. With two senior students of your study as guides, you will get to know the city, the university and your fellow students. During Intreeweek online events will be organized.

In September your student life in Amsterdam will finally start. Studying is more than attending classes and working on group projects. Your time in Amsterdam will be an amazing adventure!

To prepare you for the time of your life, Committee Intree will organize an introduction week you don’t want to miss as a UvA student! Our online platform contains a variety of things. Livestreams, associations, comedy and much more!

Study programme introduction

During Intreeweek 2021, several study programmes have introductions to their respective programmes, mainly on Monday and Tuesday. During this introduction you, along with all the first-year students of your programme, will receive information regarding schedules, textbooks etc. The study programme introduction is useful as well as mandatory. All first-year students will be present.

You will find more information about this study programme introduction in the email you received upon your enrolment at the UvA. It is possible that the activities of the study programme education introduction overlap with those of Intreeweek. This is not a problem: after the introduction you can easily return to the Intree programme. During the study programme introduction you’ll be under the responsibility of the relevant faculty. Please direct further questions about the education introduction to your study programme’s contact person.


It is not possible to arrange things like a passport, phone, bank affairs ed. during this week. We would like to direct you to UvA Student Services for further questions regarding your immigration to the Netherlands.

UvA Student Services


A few things to keep in mind before you enroll.

The registration deadline for Intreeweek 2021 is set for the 14th of August 23:59h. After that time, registration closes!

29 August – 3 September 2021 (The week prior to the first lectures)

To be announced

Terms and Conditions
Before you register, make sure to read the terms and conditions. For the Terms and Conditions:

Participants and Mentors – Terms and Conditions