Registration mentors and crew members

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The Intree Committee has been busy preparing Intreeweek 2019 for a few months now. The 31-person Committee is well on the way to making Intreeweek 2019 even more fun than previous editions, but we cannot do this alone. During the week, crew members are needed to ensure that all events run as smoothly as possible. We also need mentors to introduce the new students to each other, the city and of course the university. In exchange, you can party for free at PlankGas! or the Closing Party! Would you like to help us during one of our 22 events and afterwards party for free at PlankGas! or the Closing Party? Or do you want to guide a group of new students during the beginning of their student life? Visit and apply as a crew member or mentor during Intreeweek 2019! Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to visit our website or send an e-mail to See you in the upcoming Intreeweek!