Thanks for wanting to help out at Intreeweek 2021! Together we’ll welcome new students at our university and the city of Amsterdam. The programme of Intreeweek 2021 is yet to be announced, but will consist of online and physicial activities. Like usual we are looking for mentors to guide a group of studentsand crew members to help us at certain events. Click the button below to sign up!


Please note, both mentors need to register.

What does being a mentor entail? 

As a mentor you will guide a group of first year students during Intreeweek. You will take them to the events of Intreeweek and help them get to know our universityour city and each other. As a mentor you will have access to all events for free. Relive the best week of the year 

Practical information   

  • You will guide a group of students together with another mentor. Do you want to be a mentor, but have no one to apply with? Contact us and we will set you up 
  • Mentors who both follow the same studies are preferenced 
  • In the week of August the 23th, till Augusust the 27th you are available to collect the wristbands of you group 
  • In the week of August the 29th, till September the 3th you are present in the city of Amsterdam.  

What does being a crew-member entail?  

Do you want to have a look behind the scenes? Do you want to be a part of Intreeweek, but aren’t able to participate as mentor? Apply as crew-member!   You will help the Intree Committie organize certain events for at least one timeslot. At the moment you can fill in your availabilityWhen the programme is announced you can apply for certain events!