Welcome on Intree Inside! Besides the organisation of Intreeweek, the Intree Committee also has a lot of fun together! Find out about the things we do on this page. Get ready for throwbacks, inside jokes and fun pictures. Scroll down to find more about the humans behind Intreeweek.

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Compare the photos from 10 years ago with the photos from last year! Find the differences…



Are you as excited as we are for the design of the paperback programme? This is how they looked the last few years!

In 2008 these comics are made especially for Intreeweek. Have a look and swipe!


So, around three weeks ago, the Intree Committee took a short break and went on a ten day skiing trip, which we call Wintree! A bus drove us to Risoul in France for fourteen hours straight, but, apart from the people with motion sickness (we’re truly sorry for you guys), everyone survived the long ride mainly thanks to the sneks that they brought. When we arrived we fought out who got which bed and unpacked our bags. After some freshening up, which was pretty necessary after the bus ride, we went to the après ski bar called Du Grotte de la Yeti (the hamster of a committee member from Marketing & Communication is now called Yeti because she thought Wintree was amazing and she never wants to forget it). Every day consisted of waking up, getting breakfast and going to the slopes (some people took (waaay) longer to get ready than others), snowboarding, skiing, sledding and going to the après ski again. After the après ski, we would divide in groups and two people per group would go on and make a delicious dinner for the rest of the group. After dinner, everyone walked in and out different rooms to have fun, to play games or just to chat. Later, the real big ones (most of them) went out to the club, and some of us would go to sleep. The “Kookploeg” (a group of committee members from earlier years) made a Crazy 88 with 88 assignments that you could do with your room throughout Wintree. The assignments went from fixing someone on the slopes to steal a door or to eat without using your hands. The winning team (Yeah room 4!!!!) got a cool trophy. Although everyone got more tired and broke by the day, the group became pretty close and the week was, as we would say it in Dutch, very ‘‘gezellig’’.

Meet the Intree Committee

Intreeweek: five days full of activities specially organized for 4300 students-to-be to help them to get to know their fellow students and guide them through Amsterdam. But who makes this fun week possible? Every year a committee is appointed to make sure the new UvA-students will make a good start of their student time. The Intree Comittee 2019 consist of thirty-one people: a board of seven members and twenty-four committee members. All members are divided into five groups who all have their own tasks: Events 1, Events 2, Events 3, Acquisition and Marketing & Communication. Let’s introduce all of our committee groups!

Intree Committee 2019
The board of 2019

First things first: the board of Intreeweek 2019. The board consists of chairman and treasurer Renee, Internal Affairs Malina, Heads Events Loulou (EV1), Koert (EV2) and Isa (EV3), Head Marketing & Communication Kaylee Head of Acquisitions Vincent. They all guide the rest of the committee members to make sure Intreeweek 2019 will be flawless. Board19 loves to be big in everything they do: therefore their slogan is: ‘dream big’. The freezer in the committee room is full of so-called ‘bigpics’ of the board. They say themselves that they feel like one big family.

Events 1, consisting of Loulou, Lukas, Wouter, Sacha, Vera and Diede, is, how they describe it their self, the prettiest and funniest committee of all committees. Why, you ask? “Just because”. I can assure you that they’re better in organizing their events than they are in coming up with good arguments. Some of their events are Night at the Museum and PlankGas! Events 1 is so proud of their group, – and rightly so – that they even made their own clothing and that they are obliged to make a dessert with the EV1-logo at their weekly dinner. It almost can’t be a coincidence that half of their group happens to live in the same building.

Events 1
Events 2

Events 2 consists of the lovely Tanja, Helen, Tjip, Sam and Marijn, coordinated by Koert. This group turns out to have a lot more talents besides organizing events like the Closing Party. So appears Tanja to be a talented Lasagna-server (hence her nickname Tanja Lasagna). Marijn seems to be so funny that he even has random laughkicks in public because of his private jokes. Meanwhile Helen has the record number traffic fines on her name in the six months that she lives in the Netherlands. And where Koert seems to have survived on a year-long diet consisting only of the Dutch snacks ‘bamischijven’, Tjip handles to be present (and fit) at meetings after a whole night without sleep. As if that’s not talent enough, Sam is strong enough not to have killed any birds despite her hatred when they wake her with their whistles at 4 a.m.

Events 3 is formed by board member Isa and committee members Veerle, Leire, Zoë, Wayne and Tijmen. Among other things, they organize Comedy Night and Intree Festival. If we were to believe Events 3 themselves, Isa is the best chef of Intree, especially her lemon pie should be delicious. I think even Zoë, who’s always too late, would hurry a little more for this pie. The committee also call themselves ‘Committee Gay’, whereas one member is gay, one member is lesbian, one member is bisexual and one member has two moms. They’re happy to say their group is very diverse. And also: three is a holy number in history: ‘all good things come in threes”. Says enough about their group, right.

Events 3
IMG_2062 2

Marketing & Communication consists of Desi, Merel, Josje, Janneke and their head Kaylee. They make sure that the website and social media are up-to-date, and that everyone is aware of Intreeweek. It’s a wonder they’re meetings are going smooth, despite the fact that Merel is quiet slow-witted. Funfact: they’re the only group that only consists exclusively of girls. To reinforce the cliché of a group of girls, Kaylee is basically a panterprintqueen. Josje, for some reason, sometimes rather walks an hour home after going out instead of taking her bike. Oh yeah, and if you ever see someone peeing with the door open, it’s probably Janneke, whereas she never closes her toilet door. At least then she can see when Desi falls (and believe me, that happens a lot).

Last but not least: Acquisition. A very important group within Committee Intree. Without acquisition no money, and without money no Intreeweek. The Acquisition committee consists of board member Vincent and committee members Jasper, Maaike, Thomas, Ruben and Laura (who is literally always to find in the committee room). These six hard workers are busy sending out e-mails and calling companies to get the best deals and sponsorships to be able to finance Intreeweek 2019.