Introduction time: Events 1

Another week, another introduction round! As Intreeweek 2018 is rapidly approaching, we’d like for you to get more and more familiar with the faces behind the events. This week, I’d like to introduce you to Events 1. Events 1 consists of Loulou, Koert, Marlijn, Anna and Martijn with Lucas as their head.

So what has Events 1 been up to? Well first of all, anytime you are having dinner you might want to give them a thumbs up, because they are the ones who have been working hard to reel in the deals so that you can eat delicious meals in the evening. Or when you are just getting to know your new fellow students during Intree Connects, laughing your head off during Comedy Night or when licking your fingers off during the BBQ, these are all events which have been put together by Events 1. Quite impressive, isn’t it? Last but not least, this group organizes the always legendary Closing Party, with hosts such as Terug Naar Toen and Vunzige Deuntjes. Trust us when we say you better don’t miss out!