Introduction time: Events 3

Hey there and welcome to another introduction round. This week the spotlight goes to drum rolls… Events 3! Events 3 consists of Sarah, Vincent, Anne-Sophie and Renee with Mare as their head. What do these lovely people have up their sleeves for us? Well, how about some of the following:


You would not believe how much of a logistic work it is to make sure that each and everyone of our participants and mentors gets to have lunch and is able to pick up in such a way that the events keep moving along. Our lovely friends of Events 3 have spent months cracking their brains trying to solve the puzzle that is lunch to make sure you can have a nice lunch every day! You can grab your lunch from Monday until Friday on Intree Connects, Student Fair, Intree Olympics, 12 O’Concert (this will be a special lunch) and Intree Festival.

Intree Olympics

For those of you who prepared to show a bit more of their athletic side, Intree Olympics is the place for you! Taking place at Science Park, Intree Olympics offers a wide variety of sports for you to try out. If you’re a bit more on the laid back side, a chill area is provided for you to lounge around in. Would you still like some movement? You can also dance on a variety of tunes played by our DJs! This event will take place on Wednesday.

Explore de Pijp Area

Explore the famous Pijp neighbourhood in an interactive way with this scavenger hunt set up by Events 3. Make your way through historic sites and learn a little bit more about why this is such an icon part of the city! You can get the instructions at the Concertgebouw where 12’O Concert and Thursday’s lunch take place.

Culture by Night

Our very own museum night featuring Museum Van Loon, Huis Marseille, Foam and Amsterdam Museum. This will be a fine night to do something a little bit more cultured, but even if you’re not much into art you can entertain yourself with a silent disco, among others. Also, Amsterdam College Tour will interview the famous Dutch rapper Typhoon at Amsterdam Museum on 20:30h. Make sure you don’t miss out on this Thursday night!

Intree festival

Last but not least, Events 3 organizes Intree Festival! Have some fun in the sun while swinging to some nice tunes with your new Intreeweek friends! Several bands and DJ’s will host the evening at our own Intree stage. Besides, you do not have to leave the festival in order to get food. There will be food trucks and dinner will be provided for all participants and mentors! We promise this last day event on Friday evening in Park Frankendael is going to be unforgettable.

See you next week with another introduction!