Introduction time: the board of the Intree Committee

The Intree Committee consists of 24 committee members and their board, which consists of seven board members: The Chairman, Head of Internal Affairs, Head of Acquisition, Head of Marketing and Communication and three Heads of Events. I’ll shortly introduce all seven of them.

Chairman Jop Doornbos

Our Chairman Jop is ultimately responsible for making Intreeweek a success. Amongst other things, he leads all board meetings and all plenary committee meetings and makes sure everybody is doing what needs to be done. Besides that, he is the treasurer so he makes and keeps track of our budgets.

Head of Internal Affairs Loren van der Hoeven

Loren’s function is to fulfil a central position within the Intree Committee. Her task is to combine the logistics of Intreeweek 2018 with the internal organization of the Committee. This includes being part of the application committee and having the responsibility of being a counsellor. Concrete tasks include being the contact person for and organizing the registration of all participants, mentors and crew members.

Head of Marketing & Communication Ariana Schmikli

Ariana is responsible for all publications of the Intree Committee, such as the programme, the website, the Gelegraaf, PR, all social media, the app (make sure you download it!) and YouTube. In short: Ariana makes sure the Intreeweek is promoted in the best way possible by making innovative designs and making use of all publication tools possible.

Head of Acquisition Jesse Rietveld

Jesse makes sure that the Intree Committee is able to provide for everything during Intreeweek. He draws up the contracts for these sponsors and keeps track of the financials. Besides that he is responsible for arranging the student fair, this is the information market where external organizations can get in direct contact with students. For example you will find stands of housing corporations or work agencies here, so students meet places and people to go to when they need a room or a job in Amsterdam.

Heads of Events 1 Lucas Harlaar

Lucas arranges dinner, Intree Connects, Comedy Night, the BBQ and the Closing Party.

Heads of Events 2 Tom Coopmans

Tom is responsible for Intree United, Museum Square Morning, Pedal to the Metal (PlankGas!), Cinema Night and Laughs with the Giraffes in ARTIS.

Heads of Events 3 Mare Roelfsema

Mare arranges every day’s lunch, Intree Olympics, Explore The Pijp Area, Culture by Night and our own Intree Festival.

All Heads of Events are responsible for keeping an overview of the developments of their events, requesting authorisation for their events and maintaining good contact with the locations and artists that will be performing. Next to that they manage the committee members that are part of their group.

Although Intreeweek only lasts one week for its participants, this past academic year the board has had a fulltime job arranging it. From September till January 2018 the board has been very busy with preparations in general such as locations for events, safety measurements and logistic matters. It was not until January that the committee members were hired to offer a helping hand in establishing the events, designing posters and flyers and earning money to provide all this by recruiting sponsors. The board has been the backbone of Intreeweek and still has two months of hard work (blood, sweat and tears as we would say in Amsterdam) lying ahead of them, but the committee members have nothing but faith in them. Together we will make Intreeweek great again, perhaps even greater than it had been the past couple of years.