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Committee Intree has several publications with advertising possibilities. These are divided into offline and online platforms. In addition to posting videos, banners and advertisements, we also organize a student fair on Tuesday during the week where organizations can present themselves to the students in a personal way. On this website you will find more information about the various promotion possibilities.

Intreeweek is the official introduction week of the University of Amsterdam. During five days, 3400 new students will be introduced to the University, the city of Amsterdam and life as a student in general. During this week, the students will be accompanied and assisted by approximately 600 supervisors and crew members, so that the total number of participants in the Intreeweek will be around 4000 students.

Intreeweek 2019 will take place from Monday August 26 until Friday August 30 and has a program from early in the morning until late at night. The program is full of music, culture, cabaret, theater, sports and parties. There will also be lunch and dinner every day. The students participate in workshops, discover Amsterdam and get to know several student associations. During the spectacular opening in Royal Theatre Carré, the participants are welcomed by the Rector Magnificus and several famous Dutch people and start the best time of their lives!

If you see opportunities for profiling your company during Intreeweek 2019, beyond the possibilities as mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form.


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Intreeweek 2019 offers participants an original and dynamic program. In this program we use prominent central locations that are typical for the city of Amsterdam. At some of these locations it is possible to be present at the event and provide fun activities that will make the event even more fun. This gives your organization the opportunity to make direct contact with the participants. Furthermore, it is also possible to link your name to an event exclusively. For example: ‘The X Closing Party’ or ‘Powered by X’.

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