Rules and Regulations


You must be able to show your ID at all times on Intreeweek grounds when requested. Therefore it is important you always carry your passport, ID or driver’s license with you at every event.

Intreeweek wristband

All participants are required to wear the provided participatory wristband of Intreeweek at all times. The wristband will be provided at the first Intreeweek event and must be visible at every Intreeweek event. Please make sure you don’t lose it!

Alcohol policy

Intreeweek is organized in accordance with the Dutch law. Therefore the consumption of alcohol by minors (less than 18 years old) is strictly prohibited. All the involved parties, such as the bars for instance, apply these rules as well. When a participant is 18 years or older, they will receive another wristband alongside the normal participatory wristband indicating so. The participant needs to have this wristband in order to get alcoholic beverages at our events. If you are caught with alcoholic beverages whilst not having been given the necessary wristband, this can lead to exclusion from any further participation to the Intreeweek 2020. If, as a result, the organization of Intreeweek 2020 is amended for underage drinking, the fine will be for the participant in question.


Intreeweek is entirely drug-free. It is not allowed to carry, use or trade drugs. In case of violation of these rules, your participatory wristband will be cut through and you will be removed from the event. The participant will be excluded from further participation to the Intreeweek 2020.

Food and beverages

At some events during Intreeweek, it is not allowed to consume drinks and food items brought yourself. All drinks and food items will be confiscated at the entrance of the event.

Events where own drinks and food items are prohibited:

  • Student Associations
  • BBQ
  • PlankGas!
  • Cinema Night
  • Intree Festival
  • Closing Party

In addition, the Intree Committee does not provide lunch or dinner for students who have their educational introduction at those times.


Weapons are prohibited at all our events. Dangerous objects that can be used to harm people will be confiscated at the entrance of the event as well.

Advertising and flyering

Without the consent or permission of the organization of Intreeweek, it is not allowed to advertise at the various locations part of Intreeweek. Our licenses do not allow this and in violation of this rule the police will be called.


When you think Amsterdam, you think bicycles. Cycling is a lifestyle here! We strongly recommend you to use a bicycle during Intreeweek to get around. That way you stay fit, and you help towards a greener city. To help you on your way, we have arranged two great deals for you to choose from.

Swapfiets is ideal for students:  for only € 11,50 in the first three months you get a great city bike. And Swapfiets makes sure that it always works, because service and repairs are free! Click here for more information.

Do you prefer your own bicycle? For €75,00 you can purchase a bicycle from ASVA, including ASVA membership and bicycle lights. Click here for more information.


When sleeping at the USC, it is important to keep a few practical things in mind. Please read the following instructions carefully.

Sleeping gear

Are you sleeping at the USC? Make sure to bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat. Sleeping gear will not be offered by the organization of Intreeweek. We advise you to bring an extension cord or a power bank.

Opening hours USC halls

The sleeping halls at USC will be open every evening from 23:00h. Pay attention: in the morning, the sleeping halls need to be empty before 10:30h! This means you have to clean up your stuff every single day and lock them away in one of the rooms we set apart for you to do so. Thus you won’t be able to access the sleeping halls and your stuff between 10:30h and 23:00h! No exceptions are made, except on Tuesday from 15:00h – 16:00h during Intree Olympics. During that time you can access your belongings.

On Thursday the halls need to be empty before 12:30h and on Saturday before 11:30h.

Too late picking up your stuff? From Monday the 3rd of September on you will be given the opportunity to get your stuff at CREA cultural student center room 2.16.


The price includes breakfast on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Breakfast will be served every day until 10:30h with the exception of Thursday. On Thursday breakfast will be served until 11:30h.


There are showers available at the USC. Don’t forget to bring your own towel.


The USC is located at the Science Park Campus, which is part of the University of Amsterdam. The Science Park Campus is easily accessible by public transport. In addition, shuttle buses are used throughout the week. Every evening, shuttle buses will be heading to the USC departing from the location of the last event of the day. Keep a close eye on the Intreeweek app for any time and/or location changes.

Important connections with public transport:

– From Amsterdam Central Station: Sprinter train to Amsterdam Science Park.
– From Amsterdam Amstel station: bus 40, stop ‘Science Park Aqua’.
– From Muiderpoort station: bus 40, stop ‘Science Park Aqua’.

Locations departure times bussen

As soon as the departure times and locations of the buses are known, they will be published here.

Studying with a disability

Having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the Intreeweek. A lot of our events are accessible for disabled people. To make sure everything goes smoothly when you participate, we advise you to contact us prior to Intreeweek. This way we can explain to you personally whether an event is accessible for you or not. For example, there are some events in the different parks of Amsterdam that are less suitable for people with mobility problems. But an event such as Cinema  Night is less suitable for someone who has impaired vision. Our goal is to make Intreeweek as pleasant as possible for every student. Is there something we might be able to help you with? Please don’t hesitate to contact us by mail or by phone.

For more information about being a student with a disability at the University of Amsterdam, please visit