What’s in my bag!?

“A disposable camera… I have this in my bag in case there is something nice is going on. I like it more than a normal camera because it is like a surprise when the camera is full and you are going to order the pictures. It’s always exciting which pictures you are going to get. Also because you forgot a lot of moments you took a picture.”





“Hmm, I now realize how messy my bag is… Confronting. I do have a pencil case, but yet all my pencils are loose in my bag. Also, those papers are in there for ages, I will throw it away now. Oh, and those sunglasses, I don’t know why they’re in my bag, to be honest. I got them at a festival, I don’t really wear them. And please do not look at those snot papers, haha, that’s just gross.”





“Haha, the chicken head. I really forgot that thing even existed! It’s actually meant to cover your toothbrush, but I guess I lost that somewhere. I’m trying to post those sloth-postcards for over a week now, oops.”






“Haha, I literally never empty my schoolbag. I always have cutlery in my bag so I don’t have to buy plastic ones. Then there is a condom, it has been in there for ages. I got it on a festival somewhere, did it in my bag and now I see it is still in there. Then, that key, I think I have lost it half a year ago, it is from my old bike. Maybe now I am finally going to have a look if the bike is still on the same spot from the moment I lost my key! Thanks for that!”





“Well, yeah, I always have my waiters knife with me. If I have to work I always need one. I actually didn’t know that I had three of them in my bag, haha. Well, you never know!”







“A bag says a lot about someone I guess, haha. As you might see from the content of the bag, I really like going to the theater/cinema. And I also love food: bread, muesli bar, cutlery, empty candy wrappers and even some lost M&M’s. Well, a good snack is essential for watching a movie, right?”






“When I was asked to empty my bag, I first said there wasn’t really anything in it besides my laptop, and essential stuff like that. Well, turns out my bag is messier than I would like to admit. Besides the random stuff (I mean, a sock??), a lot of stuff can come in handy though, I’m not gonna lie.”