Everything you need to know about Amsterdam

Orange is the new Orange

Although this has more to do with the Netherlands as a whole we still thought it was an important thing to know when living in Amsterdam. When thinking of the Netherlands you envision the colour orange. Orange is the colour worn on days of national pride, and the colour Dutch sports team wear to represent their country. But why the colour orange?

To answer this we will give you a short history lesson. The colour orange has a tie to the Dutch Royal Family (The House of Orange-Nassau). It all started with Willem van Oranje (William of Orange) as the first ancestor of the current Dutch Royal Family. However Willem is also known as ‘The Father des Fatherlands’ due to the fact that a revolt he led had major consequences for the country and brought unity to the Netherlands. So this surname is the reason why the colour orange symbolizes pride in the country and in being Dutch: Dutch sports teams show the colour with upmost pride and on Kings Day the whole country turns orange. King’s day is on the 27th of April and is the day Dutch people celebrate the birthday of the king. Amsterdam is known to go above and beyond for this holiday with many flea markets, parties and feasts. So we definitely recommend writing this day down in your calendar since it will for sure be a blast to celebrate in Amsterdam!