Everything you need to know about Amsterdam

Wildlife in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is not only quite diverse when it comes to it’s people but also when it comes to it’s animals. You may be familiar with the iconic pigeons at the Dam square. However, there is more Amsterdam has to offer when it comes to wildlife. Amsterdam is home to a colony of rose-ringed parakeets flying around and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. Rumor has it that these parakeets have been here since the 70s. There are many theories on how exactly they got here. One of them is that an old woman released a mating pair in Vondelpark. Another one is that a truck carrying the birds turned over and released the birds into the city. The most recent one is that the birds were owned by an American company and got released while they were trying to relocate. The origin of the parakeets in Amsterdam is a mystery yet to be solved. However, the parakeets have grown used to city life by now!

Another iconic animal of the city are the grey herons. These birds can often be found around markets trying to find food but can also be found hunting in lakes or ditches. Almost everywhere in the city you look there are plenty birds to see, making it the perfect place for bird watching. But it is not only birds you can find around the city, there are plenty other animals roaming around. You just have to keep an eye out for them!