Everything you need to know about Amsterdam

The weather

The weather is on of the things that make or break your day. The weather could be quite difficult to predict since it seems that the weather in the Netherlands has a mind of its own. On average the Netherlands has a mild climate with long cold winters and as of recently quite hot summers (sadly not this year..). It is always handy to carry an umbrella or raincoat with you considering the unpredictability of the weather. It could be sunny like a summer day in July in the morning but rain like it’s a windy autumn day in the afternoon. The thing is you never really know it with the weather, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You may have noticed that it can get very windy in Amsterdam, especially when you’re near the central station and that’s all thanks to the IJ. The Netherlands has two characteristics that causes a lot of wind. The first one being it’s geographical location by the sea, and the second one being it is flat surface. The wind is something to pay attention to when you plan to take a scenic bicycle trip through the city. The Dutch know how to make good use of all the wind, and you may see many wind turbines around the city and all the Netherlands. Another iconic Dutch thing you’ve probably seen on many postcards is the old windmills. These were extremely important to the Dutch in the past, they were used to pump water and grind grain. Most of the windmills are gone by now but they can be easily spotted at some iconic tourist attractions.