Free Xinjiang detainees

“I think the purpose was to destroy our religion and to assimilate us…They said that you could not go to Friday prayers… You must not thank Allah; you must thank Xi Jinping for everything” – former detainee in Xinjiang 

Since 2017, it is estimated that 1 million or more men and women from predominantly Muslim ethnic groups have been detained by the Chinese government in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. They are taken to “education” centres or internment camps and to prison for reasons including being an “untrustworthy” person; living or travelling abroad; having too many children; wearing religious clothing; or having WhatsApp on their phone. 

From the moment they entered a camp, detainees’ lives are extraordinarily regimented under “prison-like” conditions. They are subjected to physical and psychological torture and subjected to “political education” classes, which amount to indoctrination. The Chinese government is doing this in an attempt to replace Turkic Muslim ethno-cultural beliefs and practices with secular views and behaviours sanctioned by the Chinese authorities. As a result, millions of people in Xinjiang live in constant fear of persecution for practising their own religion and culture. 

The Chinese government must immediately release all people detained in the camps and in prisons, anddismantle the internment camp system. 

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