How to life in Amsterdam?

The Supermarket Guide

Food is very important and essential for our daily lives. If we’re not mistaken you must have visited Dutch supermarkets quite often by now since you moved. However, we would still like to offer some tips. Most supermarkets in the city are quite compact but have a lot to offer. The most well-known supermarkets in Amsterdam are Albert Heijn (also known as appie by most Dutch people), Dirk, Jumbo, and Lidl. Many of these grocery stores offer a handy bonus card to their customers allowing them to save some money on different products every week. It is recommended to get your hands on these bonus cards or keep an eye out for the weekly offers.

Another option is to get groceries from a local food markets. These markets appear on a certain day of the week and offer plenty of fresh foods for you to buy. They are also often cheaper than what you can find at the grocery store! This a great way to save a couple euros as a student. Another way is to make use of a grocery delivering service like Zapp, some supermarkets like Albert Heijn or Jumbo offer their own delivery service.