How to life in Amsterdam?

Full house!

You might have scored a room with the help of the University for your first year, however, for the second year you might be all on your own on the hunt to find student housing. This hunt is definitely not easy so the best tip is to start your hunt on time! Once you are in the Amsterdam it will become a tiny bit easier to check out your options. There are many different options: from a studio, to a private room with shared facilities, to also a shared room with shared facilities. You have to decide for yourself what you prefer.  Keep in mind that the less shared facilities, the more you will end up paying and the harder it is to find something at an affordable price. So keep your options open!

The most popular and affordable options are student accommodation websites like and The downside of these websites is that they work with a waiting list, so make sure to sign up as soon as you get the chance! Other options are student accommodation corporations like OurCampus, OurDomain, Student Hotel, Xior, and Student Experience which fall on the pricier side.

Last but not least, try your own social network! Many students end up finding accommodation via friends, co-workers or classmates so make sure that once you start your hunt you make as many people in your network circle aware because who knows they might be able to help you score the student room of your dreams!