How to life in Amsterdam!

Move your body!

Getting in shape is one of the most popular new year’s resolutions worldwide. But with gyms being closed in the Netherlands at the beginning of this year this was harder than ever. Don’t worry, Intreeweek has a solution: a new uni year’s resolution! There are plenty of commercial gyms in Amsterdam but as a UvA student you’ll get a discount at USC. You can work out in one of their four gyms or try out a wide array of sports that are offered. Most of these classes are in collaboration with sports clubs and there are many of those as well, but again, USC can offer you good prices!

For us, there are student associations as well, some of which are sport oriented! You can meet them during Intreeweek at Intree Olympics, Intree Connects and Sail. Lastly, in most parks in Amsterdam you will be able to find fitness equipment. These are free to use and some even have instructions on what exercises you can do, either printed or through a QR-code. Whatever way you choose, don’t push yourself to injury but just have fun! And good luck with your new uni year’s resolution!