How to life in Amsterdam?

Public transport

Although biking is an essential way to travel in Amsterdam, for longer distances or bad weather (you might get that from time to time) there are trains, busses, metro’s, trams and ferries ready to take you where you need to be, both between cities and in Amsterdam. You can plan your routes online. 9292 is a very populair app and site for this.

The ferries across the IJ are free, but for the rest you’ll have to pay. You can buy a monthly ticket for public transport operated by the GVB. This will give you access to most public transport in the travel zone the ticket covers. If this doesn’t cover your needs you can buy an OV-Chipkaart which you can charge with funds. That will get charged when you check in and out of public transport as you use it.

Fancy something more old-fashioned? You can buy a ticket per trip as well! As a student you won’t get a discount on public transport tickets, but you might be eligible for a student travel product. This will give you free travel either during the weekdays or on weekends and reduced travel costs for the other period of the week. Either way, have fun exploring Amsterdam and all that surrounds it, there is so much to be seen!