How to live life in Amsterdam?

Pave the way, bike away!

So, you just got to Amsterdam! Now, how to get anywhere else? Though there’s plenty of cars in the city it isn’t the best way to get around……. As a student, getting yourself a car probably wasn’t your first choice anyway. The recommended mode of transportation in Amsterdam is, to no one’s surprise, the bicycle. There’re roughly 880.000 bikes in Amsterdam. And that makes sense, given it’s a fast and cheap and way to get from A to B.

There’s plenty of ways you can get yourself a bike, most of which are legal. You can find stores all through the city or rent one monthly. If you only use it for one occasion, you can pick up an OV-bike (OV=Openbaar Vervoer a.k.a. public transport). These can be rented for a small fee and can be picked up and dropped back off at several public transport stations either in Amsterdam or elsewhere in the Netherlands. It’s really useful when you are on a daytrip to another city for instance!

Whatever option you may choose, make sure your bike has working brakes, lights, and a bell. We love a safe ride. 😉 A lock, or even two, is recommended to have as well.