Intree guide to the Dutch life

Eating out

If you’ve made plans with a Dutch friend to eat out, don’t be late! Time is money after all so the dutch are mostly pretty punctual. If you do run late, call ahead. The restaurant will be able to save your table and it’s appreciated by whoever’s waiting. You can make reservations, but in most places you can walk in to see if there is a table available. Though you don’t need a spot at a restaurant to eat well in Amsterdam. There’s plenty of smaller places and street food where you can take your food to go. If you’re looking to try the Dutch kitchen these places will be a good bet as well. There aren’t many restaurants serving traditional Dutch food, but you can try to make it yourself! It’s very easy.

 When it’s time to pay the bill, another issue comes up, tipping. Tipping isn’t standard in the Netherlands, but it is greatly appreciated. As for who gets to pay, there is a reason ‘going Dutch’ means that everyone pays for themselves. This won’t happen all the time, just don’t be surprised if you get a ‘tikkie op de app’ (payment request on WhatsApp).