Intree guide to the Dutch life

Money matters

“Financial affairs” can be translated to “geldzaken”, but when translated back once more it becomes “money matters”. And it sure does. Dutch people are not stingy, we’re economical. And Dutch students… well okay, maybe we’re a bit frugal. But you must be! Living in Amsterdam isn’t cheap. So we save the money we do have. There are many students that work besides their study, but many go to DUO for help as well. Ome DUO (Uncle DUO), as it’s affectionately called, or daddy DUO, if you really want to go there, is part of the ministry of education and is responsible for student financing, stufi for short. But even with careful financial decision making (and a couple of weekends of going out) there isn’t always much left at the end of the month, therefore many students wait for Ome DUO to graciously come by once more. Oh well, what’s the use of all that money if you don’t spend it anyway?