Intree guide to the Dutch life

Fine dining

The Netherlands has a few culinary classics., but between snert and hutspot, rookworst and stamppot there is another typically Dutch kitchen concept that you will find all over Amsterdam: eating out of the wall. Trust me, it’s a little bit less weird than it sounds. At snackbars you will find kroketten and kaassoufles, bitterballen and burgers. But when you’re there for a quick bite, you obviously don’t want to wait for it to be made. Instead, you check what’s available in the wall. Behind small glass doors snacks are waiting to be taken out. Just drop in some coins and open the door to the snack you want. Amsterdam has the most wall-restaurants! The most famous restaurant, the FEBO was even founded in Amsterdam! This is fast-food at its fastest. Just be careful on your first bite, burning your tongue can happen even more easily…….