Police Violence

From the streets of Minneapolis to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, unlawful use of force by police can end in death, injury, and devastation. As we’ve seen too many times, in the USA and elsewhere, sometimes police kill or seriously injure people during arrests fueled by racism. 

In countless other cases, police are quick to use force in response to protests or demonstrations. Throughout 2019 and 2020, Hong Kong police have repeatedly deployed weapons like tear gas and rubber bullets in an unlawful way against protesters. All too often, officers who kill or injure people after using force unlawfully are not brought to justice.   

That’s why it’s so important to know what your rights are, and to know what police are, and aren’t, allowed to do. We need to make sure that police stop using force against the law, and that those who kill unlawfully are brought to account – no more excuses. 

Every country has its own domestic laws and there is no one-size-fits-all prescription for making them fairer and safer. Amnesty International’s detailed guidelines on the use of force by law enforcement set out clearly how police and other security forces around the world can improve their laws, policies and practices. 

Take action now! 
You can watch the movie “The Hate U Give’ tonight at Pathé to learn more about police brutality in the USA.