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Frequently asked questions


When does Intreeweek 2024 take place?

Intreeweek 2024 takes place from Monday August 26th till Friday August 30th. You can find the program here.

Do I have to be in Amsterdam during Intreeweek?

Yes, you have to be in Amsterdam during Intreeweek. All of the events will take place in Amsterdam. It is possible to sleep outside of Amsterdam, just be sure to check whether this is practical or not (think of travel distance, public transport connections, etc.)

This year, we are offering two options for students who are still looking for a place to sleep during the week. We are offering sleeping spots in USC (a sports hall at Amsterdam Science Park) and sleeping spots at Generator Hostel. You can add one of these options when buying your Intreeweek ticket.

How much does an Intreeweek ticket cost?

An Intreeweek ticket will cost around 100 euro.

Do I need a bicycle during Intreeweek?

While it is not mandatory to have a bicycle, we do recommend it. It is very handy to cycle between events, as it is fast and easy - not only during Intreeweek but also in general!

Is food included during the week?

Yes, we offer one vegetarian meal every day with vegan options at some events. We will offer lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and dinner on Tuesday and Friday. Some events will also feature 3rd party vendors where you can buy additional delicious food.

Are there any events that require a minimum age?

No, our events do not have a required minimum age. However, you have to be 18 years or older to be able to purchase alcohol.

What is the alcohol/drugs policy during Intreeweek?

At events where we have a bar, we will start selling alcohol at 17:00. Before that, we will not sell any alcoholic drinks, neither will 3rd party vendors. It is not allowed to bring your own drinks to any of our closed events. Consuming alcohol as a minor (17 years or younger) will result in an immediate expulsion from Intreeweek.

Drugs are not welcome during Intreeweek.

Do I have to participate in every event?

No, it is completely up to you which events you visit! The only mandatory event is the Registration on Monday where you will receive your wristband. We recommend that you follow your Intreeweek group to get the most out of Intreeweek. Check out our program here!

How do I pay at the events during Intreeweek?

You can pay with your wristband at our major events. To do this, you first need to top up your balance through the Intreeweek app. At some events, we do not offer the possibility to pay with your wristband. So please make sure that you have a debit card/enough cash on you.

What happens to the remaining balance on my account after Intreeweek?

The remaining balance will automatically be refunded to you via your chosen payment method. If you have any troubles regarding your refund, please contact [email protected].

Can I take off my wristband during the week?

No, do not take off your wristband during Intreeweek. Your wristband needs to be in a non-broken state so that we can make sure you have access to our events. The (chip on our) wristbands are completely waterproof, so you don't have to put them off when you take a shower.

If you lose your wristband, or if it breaks during the week, you will have to visit the Intreeweek information desk. A new wristband will cost 30 euro. 

My study is hosting its own introduction, can I still go there?

Yes, we recommend that you go to your own study introduction if it takes place during Intreeweek. Intreeweek has a lot of activities, so there are enough opportunities to enjoy Intreeweek!


How do I become a mentor for Intreeweek 2024?

To become a mentor, you need to fill out this form. You must be a current Bachelor or Master student at the University of Amsterdam. You also need to be available from August 26th till (the morning of) August 31st. Lastly, you also need to attend one of our mentor instruction days. The instruction days will take place on Tuesday August 20th and Friday August 23rd.

I cannot make it to a mentor instruction day, can I still become a mentor?

Yes, you can still become a mentor. However, we will give priority to people who have attended an instruction day. Due to the high amount of sign-ups, your chance may be slim if you do not attend an instruction day.

Can I become a mentor with a friend?

Yes, it's possible to pair up with a friend. To do this, you will have to fill in the email of your partner in the mentor registration form. Make sure that your partner has already completed the registration form.

When do I know if I have been selected as a mentor?

You will receive an email on August 23rd, 24th, or 25th with information about your mentorship.

Do you offer sleeping spots for mentors during Intreeweek?

No, we only offer sleeping spots to participants.