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Note: Some events and/or details may change before Intreeweek.


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August 26th


Important event!Important event!

Kick off your Intreeweek journey with the registration event at the bustling Roeterseilandcampus. This is your first chance to meet and connect with your Intreeweek group. Exciting goodies await you in a special Intreeweek tote bag that we have prepared just for you! Plus, you'll receive an exclusive wristband. Not just a fashionable accessory, this wristband also serves as a cashless payment option at selected events throughout the week. Welcome to the University of Amsterdam - let the fun-filled Intreeweek commence!

Intree Connects 

Lunch includedLunch included

After the registration, your Intreeweek adventure continues at the vibrant Oosterpark with Intree Connects. This delightful gathering place will be filled with the echoes of live music, laughter, and applauds from entertaining ice-breaker games. It's the perfect setting to connect with your group peers. Amidst this lively ambiance, you'll also enjoy a wholesome vegetarian meal designed to keep your energy levels up. So savor the music, enjoy your games and make the most of the unforgettable Intree Connects experience as you step into your thrilling university journey.


The official kick-off of Intreeweek 2024 takes place in the Royal Theater Carré. Join us for the opening with several speakers in this magnificent building.  

Intree United

Want to join an association? At Intree United, you get to know all kinds of student and sport associations. Also, dance your head off at the party in the same building!


August 27th

Intree Games 

Grab your sports gear because it's time to get some exercise! Try out new sports and maybe even sign up for a sport association.

Back to the Roets 

Dinner includedDinner included

It is time to get some food at the Roeterseilandcampus. There is enough pizza for everyone! All pizza's are vegetarian. We also offer vegan and gluten-free pizza's!


August 28th

Museum Square Morning

Ready to get some cultural vibes? Or do you want to wind down after last night? Join us at Museum Square Morning! All participants get free access to multiple museums around the infamous Museumplein.


Lunch includedLunch included

Get a delicious lunch at the Faculty of Humanities!

Student Fair 

Important event!Important event!

Get your free goodies at the Student Fair - this year in the beautiful building of het Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. Get to know all kinds of organizations focused on students. This is also the place to pick up your wristband for the Intree Festival!

Bij ons in de Jordaan

Explore one of the nicest neighborhoods in Amsterdam: de Jordaan. Together with your group, you will walk one of four routes through this historic neighborhood while completing different challenges!


Do you like techno? We got you covered. Get ready to free your mind at Unplugged! This techno party will take place in the Gashouder in Westerpark.


August 29th

Wake Up Workshops

Good morning! What's better than waking up on a beautiful Thursday morning? Waking up and following a workshop of course. Get your group together and go do something artsy at CREA!

11 O' Concert

Thursday also starts with the magical 11 O' Concert. This concert will take place in het Concertgebouw and is completely free for our participants. Sit down, relax, and enjoy!

Intree Inspires 

Lunch includedLunch included

After a nice cultural morning, it is time to get even more inspired! Join us at Oudemanhuispoort for talks from different speakers and organizations. You can also get your free lunch here!

Night at the Museum

Our evening program starts in 6 different museums! These are:

  • Museum Van Loon
  • Verzetsmuseum
  • Embassy of the Free Mind
  • Allard Pierson Museum
  • ARTIS - Groote Museum
  • Arcam

Every museum is different and has its own fun things to do. Come take a look and spend your night at the museum!
Tip: take your bicycle to easily navigate between these museums!

Cinema Night

What better way is there to end a Thursday night than in a nice, soft cinema seat? That's right, there is no better way. On this night, we got the entirety of Pathé Arena, together with a great line-up of movies for you. So, get a popcorn and relax with your friends (or on your own ;) ).


August 30th

Intree Festival 

Dinner includedDinner included

Friday starts in the afternoon with Intree Festival, one of the biggest events of Intreeweek! On this day, we turn a ice skating ring into a lively festival with music, entertainment & food! Gather your group and enjoy everything the festival has to offer. Dinner is included as well.

Closing Party 

Not included in Intreeweek ticket!Not included in Intreeweek ticket!

It's time to say goodbye - with a bang of course! This year's Closing Party takes place in three different venues: 

  • Westerunie
  • Paradiso
  • Melkweg

To enter this party you need an additional ticket. If you're a participant, you can get a discounted ticket. Mentors can enter for free, but are also required to get a ticket.